The Kieran Poole Show

An award-winning radio show featuring interviews with comedians, actors, and musicians in live session from 2014-2018. The latest podcast series hears comedians chat about their worst jobs via the hashtag #OurWorstJobs.

Mandi Harkett in session & Jason Simmons reading her mind

June 29th, 2017

Mandi Harkett and comedian hypnotist Jason Simmons join Kieran on Miskin Radio to chat big bears, mentalism, and panto. In session, Mandi performs Curtain Call and Forever In A Day.

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*This podcast is not the usual high-quality audio as we had a recording issue at Miskin Radio Towers. Producer Ben and Kieran had a fight about this. It went on for three hours. Neither of them laid a finger on the other. It was more like dancing.

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